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Our dentists, specialist strive for delivering the highest standards of dentistry, excellent patient care and services. We do our best to provide our clients with adequate information as to understand every aspect of the treatments.


Tooth Check-ups

You are recommended to visit your Dentist for the Oral health check up before any major trips, summer holidays, important events or Christmas time etc. Remember to have a check up and deep Scaling and Polishing treatment at least once a year. Please do this earlier than needed, because most Dentists appointment books are very busy and booked up during peak season.

We hope you would found this website useful about the Emergency Dental Service. As always, prevention is better than cure (and more pleasant). We hope that we can maximise dental health and minimise dental problems for yourself and your family by accessing regular dental care and advice.


Tooth Check-ups​ | Sosdentist

We provide dental treatment including:


Immediate loading implant 一小時微創植牙
Root Canal Treatments 顯微鏡根管治療
Cosmetic Dentistry 牙齒美容
Extractions 脫牙
White Fillings 補牙
Dentures 活動假牙
Ortho Treatment 牙齒矯正
Teeth Whitening 牙齒美白
Periodontal Surgery Root Planing 牙周病治療
Minor Oral Surgery 智慧齒手術
Supernumerary tooth Surgery 多生齒手術
Crowns and Bridges 牙冠 / 牙橋
Gold and Porcelain restorations 全瓷牙套
Special in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 口腔及頜面外科全科

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