Case Sharing



Case 1

A 12 years old boy, Ho, had an accident while playing basketball in the evening, which caused his front tooth to be fall out. His parents brought him to hospital for treatment. However, there was no dentist at service in the hospital, they could only help him to stop the bleeding. At around 10pm, his parents called us for help. We then examined the child’s injury and took some x-rays. We found that the teeth around his wound were slightly loose. The dentist replaced his front tooth and consolidated the loose teeth. After six months of follow up, his injured tooth was fully recovered.

案例 1


Case 2

Mr. C called our emergency dental service at midnight due to severe pain on his lower molar. It has been causing some discomfort for few days. Mr. C was on a business trip which was difficult for him to see a dentist. He experienced the severe pain while on the plane with barometric pressure, which affected his sleep and appetite. We immediately saw Mr. C at 1am and conducted oral examination with x-rays. We found there was deep tooth decay at his lower molar. Emergency root canal treatment was carried out. After the dental treatment, Mr. C felt much better and be able to get back to work next day.

案例 2


Case 3

Emergency dental service received a call from a well-known hotel regarding Mr. E. He experienced dislodged crown at the front tooth. His crown on the front tooth dropped out while having dinner. Yet he had an important meeting in the next morning. We arranged a dental appointment and saw Mr. E within 30 minutes. Oral examination was conducted with x-rays. We successfully re-cemented the crown without causing any pain. After the dental treatment, Mr. E attended to his important meeting the next morning without embarrassment.

案例 3

一家著名酒店的禮賓在深夜為他們的重要客戶 - E先生致電我們緊急牙科服務,原因是前牙脫臼。 E先生來香港參加一個非常重要的會議。晚餐時他的前牙冠掉了。他計劃第二天清晨召開一次非常重要的會議,他想立即修復前牙。 我們預約了牙科醫生,在30分鐘內看到了E先生。進行口腔檢查,拍攝照片和X射線。我們可以成功地將牙冠退回患者的前牙,而不會產生任何疼痛。 經過牙科治療後,患者很高興看到自己的前牙全部恢復正常,並且第二天清晨可以重返重要會議。