SOS(Emergency Dental Service) provides professional emergency dental treatment around the clock.

Whether you have the tooth or not at the time it fell off from the socket, you have to call for SOS immediately. If you have the tooth with you when it fell off, DON’T wash the tooth with water, place the tooth in a glass of milk or a glass of salty water and immediately go to the SOS clinic.

Please follow the post-operative instructions provided on the leaflet given after extractions.

Call for SOS immediately. Do not do anything, please bring the implant to the dentist if you have it. SOS hotline ☎️ 6767 9999

Take pain reliever and immediately call the SOS hotline ☎️ 6767 9999

The SOS will write a detail report of what they have done for you to bring to your family dentist.

Usually, a swelling occurs because of an infection. There might be a slight infection in your teeth or gum tissue, or there might even be large amount of abscess that has to be drained. An infected swelling would usually feel quite tender and warm to the touch. You have to call immediately so you could be accurately diagnosed. After checking your teeth thoroughly, an appropriate treatment would be prescribed, as well as antibiotics.

This involves continuous bleeding from the extraction site which begins hours or day post operatively?. The causes may include failure by the patient to follow the post operative instructions, poor surgical techniques including injury to soft or hard tissues & haemorrhagic diasthesis (unknown clothing disorder & antiavasculation, abuse of analgesics, high blood pressure or excessive physical exercise by the patient. Your have to call immediately so that helps can be given right away. SOS hotline ☎️ 6767 9999





請馬上致電SOS 24小時緊急服務 ☎️ 6767 9999,如果有植入物的話請記得帶去診所。

您可以先服用止痛藥,並立即撥打SOS專線 ☎️ 6767 9999



這涉及從手術後數小時或一天的治療部位連續出血。原因可能包括患者未能遵循術後指示,不良的手術技術,包括軟組織或硬組織受傷和出血性麻醉。您必須立即打電話,以便可以立即提供幫助。SOS 24小時緊急服務 ☎️ 6767 9999